14 mayo 2007

BODIES, REST and MOTION - Michael Convertino (1993)

Muchachos aquí va otro score. Otros trabajos de Convertino :
Dance with me, The santa clause...

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01. Main Title (02:39)02. The Desert (01:07)03. Going (01:04) Material Performed by Norwyn Wesley 04. Pray (02:23)05. Cactus (01:37)06. Transcendence & Appliance (00:53)07. Everything Must Ride (00:58)08. Your Whole Life (00:47)09. Where LucK Can Find You (00:54)10. To The August House (01:31)11. I'm Happy (01:15)12. Soul Station (00:46)13. Here And There And Now (01:40)14. Beautiful Young Girl (01:25)15. It's A Big Planet (02:15)16. End Title (02:29)17. Postlude (01:29)18. Love Making (01:35)19. This Rain (03:31)20. Sid Invisible (01:37)

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Anónimo dijo...

Does anyone have the soundtrack to 'Psycho III'?


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Grato pela visita feita ao meu Blog, bom blog o seu, é só postar com mais frequencia. Vou buscar algum album por aqui.

Psicosmico dijo...

hola Chile!
Delfino sabes donde puedo encontrar toomorrow de olivia newton john es un ost de 1971
ojo toomorrow con doble 0.
esta bueno tu blog

Breton Bitch dijo...

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